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proven by corviday

Okay overall the image is goo, but there're a one thing that could be worked on. One, would be the background. You had something there ...


Ville-Dul-Mort: Hugo by Lucky-schmuck
Ville-Dul-Mort: Hugo
Name: Hugo Wyatt
Race:  Human

Age: 27

Occupation: Marketeer and former sailor 
Nationality: Greek/English

Alliance: N/A

Height: 5'9

Weight:  166

Eye Color: green

Hair Color: brown

Blood Type:  O

Gift: Ricochet: The user of this ability to cause any projectile that he releases to ricochet at will.  Depending on the velocity of the projectile, it determines the damage on the surface bounces from; if it's a thrown quarter, it'll leave a minor ping, but if it's a bullet it will leave a serious scafe into  the surface. 

 Colt Revolver, Walking cane & a silver balkan knife

Personality:  [ Fair Boss] [Leader] [quickwitted & sharp][money oreiented] [coy]

History: Son to a English sailing captain and Greek maid, Hugo spent his early years in Athens with his mother while his father traveled the mediterrainian . WHen she wasn't working his mother taught him  her language, some on the  little english she knew and at night his mother told him stories of wolves turning to men and people who drank blood to live, it was a shocker when his father told them that they were all true. His father ran a large shipping boat leaving for months on end transporting goods and when he was 13 years old, Hugo went to work with his  father. Sailing around; trading, learing how to survive at sea, how to read, how to write and properly speak english. On his off duty hours, Hugo would indulge in the activites of his crew which included playing cards and playing Quarters, the latter he had a natural knack for.

At the age of 20, during a storm Hugo's father was thrown overboard and was never found despite his best efforts. Becoming the new captain was trying, but Hugo picked up where his faather left off. At 23, during a transport to England, a storm brewed over near The Bay of Biscay. For two days, his ship tossed and turned for  until a rogue wave flipped it, engulfing it into it's ocean .

Hugo was found adrift by a  fishing boat and was taken to a doctor. Waking up, the man sank low when he relized his left leg was gone; with news of his ship's demise and the unknown location of his crew, he sank lower. Sending word to his mother and monthly, Hugo decided to stay in England and build his own family company there. Taking up meneal jobs, it took him 4 years to own his own boat and manage navagation of  it from London. 


what ever the hell to his leg
his new left leg
That damn sound it makes when he walks



No journal entries yet.


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