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proven by corviday

Okay overall the image is goo, but there're a one thing that could be worked on. One, would be the background. You had something there ...



Ville-Dul-Mort: Hugo by Lucky-schmuck
Ville-Dul-Mort: Hugo
Name: Hugo Wyatt
Race:  Human

Age: 27

Occupation: Marketeer and former sailor 
Nationality: Greek/English

Alliance: N/A

Height: 5'9

Weight:  166

Eye Color: green

Hair Color: brown

Blood Type:  O

Gift: Ricochet: The user of this ability to cause any projectile that he releases to ricochet at will.  Depending on the velocity of the projectile, it determines the damage on the surface bounces from; if it's a thrown quarter, it'll leave a minor ping, but if it's a bullet it will leave a serious scafe into  the surface. 

 Colt Revolver, Walking cane & a bichaq knife

Personality:  [ Fair Boss] [Leader] [quickwitted & sharp][money oreiented] [coy]

History: Son to a English sailing captain and Greek maid, Hugo spent his early years in Athens with his mother while his father traveled the mediterrainian . WHen she wasn't working his mother taught him  her language, some on the  little english she knew and at night his mother told him stories of wolves turning to men and people who drank blood to live, it was a shocker when his father told them that they were all true. His father ran a large shipping boat leaving for months on end transporting goods and when he was 13 years old, Hugo went to work with his  father. Sailing around; trading, learing how to survive at sea, how to read, how to write and properly speak english. On his off duty hours, Hugo would indulge in the activites of his crew which included playing cards and playing Quarters, the latter he had a natural knack for.

At the age of 20, during a storm Hugo's father was thrown overboard and was never found despite his best efforts. Becoming the new captain was trying, but Hugo picked up where his faather left off. At 23, during a transport to England, a storm brewed over near The Bay of Biscay. For two days, his ship tossed and turned for  until a rogue wave flipped it, engulfing it into it's ocean .

Hugo was found adrift by a  fishing boat and was taken to a doctor. Waking up, the man sank low when he relized his left leg was gone; with news of his ship's demise and the unknown location of his crew, he sank lower. Sending word to his mother and monthly, Hugo decided to stay in England and build his own family company there. Taking up meneal jobs, it took him 4 years to own his own boat and manage navagation of  it from London. 


what ever the hell to his leg
his new left leg
That damn sound it makes when he walks

A-GENCY: T24-Clair by Lucky-schmuck
A-GENCY: T24-Clair
((Edited 9/23/2014, will edit  pic when computer software is updated))

Name : Clairvius "Clair"Narcisse
Rank: T24
Stamina: 1
Intelligence: 2
(Total: 17)
Age: 26 (April 1, 1992)

Nationality: Haitian/African from his mother side and unknown lineage from fathers side(possibly french cajun)
Quantum Tunneling

Summary :

the ability to pass through solid matter by passing through the subjects atomic particles through the spaces between the atoms of the object through which they are moving.

Pros :

+ The subject can become intangible, allowing subject to phase though intangible to physical touch
+ If the subject is in contact with objects or other people, the subject can make them intangible.
+Physical attacks are deemed useless to the subject because of the ability
+The subject can make certain parts of their body intangible. An Example; if the subject need to access the contents of the locked box, than the subject would make his arm to phase through it, make his hand tangible to grab said contents, make it intangible and phase it out

Cons :

-The subject can only be intangible for a certain amount of time. The longest he can stay intangible consecutively is 20 minutes, however to avoid attacks. The subject prefers short seconds when in the field or in battle
-Every time the subject becomes intangible, the ability consumes energy. The longer they use it, the more energy is burned and the more tired they subject becomes
-The subject cannot phase through gas or liquid, so the subject must hold their breath
-If subject phases through irradiated or toxic materials, the subject will become immediately  sick
-When the subject brings makes others or objects intangible, it consumes more energy than just making himself tangible. Per person he brings extinguishes his energy time by 5 minutes while inanimate objects take up 2. Thus the subject limits the people he brings by 3, but if dire the subject will push the limit, but if this happens the subject
-The subject can be incapacitated with telekinesis(suspending the subject in the air away from the ground) or  telepathy(mind tricks)
-If the subject becomes tangible or cause the things he brings with him  full tangible mid phase, they will become fused with the wall or object.

Skills and Specializations:  Previous occupational skills in Heists, Burglaries  and Robberies . Has keen planing skills, Parkour skills, boxing ,and some Eskrima training. Has  a B.A. in International Relations & Affairs  which he received from UTA as of 2014. Modest trumpet and poker player. Some Electrician and construction skills, but not really note worthy
Personality:  Oozing with Southern charm, Clair carries himself with high confidence and a pep in his step, always grinning . He is friendly and hospitable by culture, but is sarcastic and painfully honest by his upbringing due to his grandfather. Clair is wise with his money because of an impoverished childhood and his criminal actions, however if he has sums in the millions he will take some for himself and give to others, instead of keeping it all to himself. If you become this man's friend he has your back and will help you anyway he can, even if it hurts him. On jobs, he becomes down to earth, tactical and very precise; Always making the best plan of action before executing. If a plan goes well he's on top of the world, if it goes bad, he becomes a bit ornery
Languages:  Learned to speak Intermediate Spanish from his high school and has a novice understanding of the French language. Fluent in English
Tools/Weapons: Snap gun(Lock picking), Two collapsible steel batons, various tools(grappling hook and homemade emp device)

Class: Spy
History: On a cool  Louisiana Night on June 3, 1992, Found on his doorstep in a basket WITH a note from his mother. Newton Narcisse-ex-con and Superintendent of The Persephone Apartments, Newton finds his Newborn grandson on his doorstep. Newton had not been the greatest father to his son AdeWale, his daughter Anita or his late life Bea. In and out of jail, drinking, fighting, sleeping around and not being a good dad or husband to his family. He was an old man now, his family had moved, done god knows what and now one of his own children trusts him with a baby which he thought to himself," She must have lost her goddamn mind. He had two options ; give the child to the state to be placed into foster care  like he was put or try again and be a better relative. Newton went with the latter, lord knows the world didn't need another Newton....

Raising the child was manageable now that he had a solid job & place to live and owned. The Persephone Apartments was an affordable apartment project located in The Treme, a low income neighbor hood in New Orleans. Newton had bought the apartment during his more crooked years and had since resided here even after his wife died in 1985 and both of his children left in 1988. Their apartment was simple; both of them had a bed, a table, a  dinghy couch, a bathroom, a small kitchen and a turn dile T.V. with only three available channels( The Spanish channel, ABC and and a very statically NBC. When Sesame Street got boring, Clair found entertainment with the Tenants or working with his grandfather . From the tenants he learned how to read, write, cook, speak a few different languages,  and take care of himself (  defend himself, doing laundry, etc.). through his grandfather he learned how to take care of the building  and it's tenants. Aside from teaching right & wrong and how, telling him stories about how he once robbed a bank in the 60s and play poker, etc; Newton would also teach Clair how to maintain & fix the various problems/issues of the complex. Whenever a tenant got locked out, complained about their problems with their pipes or electricity, Newt and his little protege would be there to fix it. And after a week of hard work, they would go to the French square for food and to enjoy The Second Line Parade, a weekly event held in New Orleans. This would be his average routine, until Clair met The Runners

The Nameless Club, were a group of kids in Clair's 4th grade who were notorious for mischief and their sweet nicknames. It consisted of Wally Lutz, the leader( Joker), Benjamin Wallace,the toughest kid( Duke) and the Twins Lilly Cruz( Blink) & Maxine Cruz(Sage). To enter the club you must beat Duke, out race Blink, outsmart Sage and impress Joker; Clair did this in a single weekend and earned the name "Ghost". The group taught Clair the Hide-n-Seek Method(Going through a crowd during a parade and pick pocketing the drunks) and how to do this new thing  called "parkour" which the Twin's older brother knew and how to cause a ruckus. Newton who had worked so hard to keep the boy away from such behavior, he would often threaten punishment to Clair which the boy gladly took. He enjoyed hanging out with his new friends and defended them to the letter. Newt and Clair would argue until they struck their first deal: Clair would tell Newt the ENTIRE truth before and after he went out, if Newt didn't like what he heard, Clair would have a few welt marks on his back by the end of the night. Safe to say, Clair has three welts so far.
The Nameless Club came to an end when the twins revealed that their family would be moving away and the group decided to send them off with a party at Wally's house since his dad was on "buisness". Lying to their folks about adult supervision, The group had planned a small party for themselves, but they did not expect a Hurricane , the  Levees to break  and the waterline frighteningly forced them to the Attic. All they could do was wait with limited supplies,. The water line didn't care, it just rose. Ankle high, the water had reached the group in the attic and thus prompted to escape via the roof. Clair on Duke's shoulders, the boy used the drill to break apart the roof. Than just before they made some damage to the ceiling, Duke slipped and Clair fell back, but instead of hitting the wall, he just passed through it untouched-like a ghost, but unlike a ghost, the current carried him away from the house--away from The Nameless Club.  After he was found and rescued, Clair urged everybody to go to Wally's, but  to every bodies shock, there were no kids or bodies to be found in the attic. Their families searched for them, but were never found or heard from again and saw Clair a bad omen.  Newt, did not lash out at the boy when they were reunited. He saw the guilt that boy had and let bygones be bygones since the boy had enough problems with the family. When asked how did he escape, he answered truthfully, but know one believed him and though otherwise. When they returned to Persephone, Newton asked him in private and got the same answer. Just before he could take off his belt and whip the boy, Clair showed him what he could do by phasing through their kitchen wall Newton was was at a lost for word.Hours later they tried to figure out how he was able to do it, but they unanimously knew that only his mother or uncle knew, but had not made a presence since Clair was dropped off. They decided to keep this a secret between them.

3 months later, the last of Persephone's tenants moved out leaving Newt and Clair by themselves. Newton had begun repair and refurbishing the apartment, but  with lack of funds and aid from the government at the time, had made it a struggle and effort; With no tenants it made their situation more dire. . One day while watching, a group of ruffians rob a local appliance store and get shot. One went down while the other got away. This lit a bulb in the boys head. Rushing back to his grandfather, he asked him if he ever robbed anybody or a place like in his stories, the old man nodded and asked if they could do a job. Befuddled, Newt blew his lid, but Clair reassured  his grandfather that they could do it if his skills and Clair's "special" talent which he exercised  in secret, much to his grandfather's dismay.
They had to be smart so they decided to pull the heist in Florida, far from Louisiana, but close enough to drive. Under the guise of going to see the sights and go to Disney World, they scoped out some places that would be easy hits with big payouts and easy escapes. The best spot was Goldbergs, a large bank in Miami; it's had a simple security system and employees only bathroom adjacent to the vault and a large sewer system 30 blocks from the motel they were staying at. It was November 17th and  he plan was simple:

In the morning; Clair would play off that he was sick and even puke at a local Denny's. Apologetic for his illness, they would retreat to the motel and prepare for the night ahead, Newt would remind the boy the routes and Clair would excise his abilities by phasing through the door to the bathroom, but would stop before 5 to rest. At 10 P.M., Clair would go in alone since he had an average build and would not be as distinguished if he wore an all black disguise. Since they had the first floor room, Clair would phase through the bath room , through the  floor and into the sewer system. From there he would trek all the way to the back, phase into the bathroom of the bank, then into the vault and stash as much cash into the duffle bag before the alarms sounded off, wary of dye packs and trackers. Once back at the hotel, Newt would "Pack up" there things and leave for home...

The plan went off without a hitch and the two drove home without any disturbances. Once at Persephone, they sat down, counted and came to the sum total of 2.8 million. Newt made Clair promise that this NEVER happened and that the money they "received"  to fix up the place was given to them and to Never on his life pull another heist like this. Clair swore and with that they began in an RV, They focused on their apartment first, putting up new wall, fixing the foundation and wiring. Newt did most of the work since Clair had went back to school in January of 2006. By March the place was all fixed up, but lack of workers made the task of rebuilding a bit impossible. SO, Newt hired workers with the promise of giving them a place to live once done and warm food and some pay in the mean time. By the end of 2006, Persephone Apartments was revived and looked better than before. Newton, kept his position as superintendent of the complex while Clair focused on his studies. In 2010, Clair graduated and was accepted into the University of Texas of Austin. The trip over there, Newton badgered Clair to be good and threatened to whoop his ass from Texas to Louisiana if he got kicked out. When it was time to go they hugged, told each other they loved them and waved goodbye, not before Newt reminded lair NOT to pull anymore heists.....

From 2010 till 2014,  Clair went to school and worked as an installer, but  felt this itch and only a heist could scratch it . He had to steal something, not trinkets or small bill, but cold hard cash in the thousands. The opportunity came after he graduated, when he went to install cable at this huge mansion out in the sticks. It was for Giovanni Esqualla, a slick businessman with "supposed " Cartel ties. Clair and his buddy Ray connected the whole house, but had to put the router in the basement near the circuit breaker. There they had to swear not to repeat what they saw. Within the basement, mountains of cash stacked up to their waists lay sitting idol . To Ray, he saw his little girl's college fund , a better house for his Mama and a big fat ring for his partner Eddie at a dangerous cost. Clair saw a challenge. The first night he had off, Clair headed back to Gios to "Receive an early payment".This was different, this was dirty money, money which Clair will donate, give to Ray and pay some of his loans back. It seemed easy enough; he snuck in, took the cash and phased out. Until he made his way to the gate and was shot in the leg by a guard who spotted him. Unable to move and in searing pain the guards took Clair to Gio in  who was waiting in the den with a pistol in his hand. Gio identified Clair and did not hesitate to kill him regardless of why or how he took the cash. Pistol aimed at him, Clair did not spare a second and became intangible to the bullet, letting it hit the floor. Amazed, Gio told his goons to leave him alone with Clair to conduct buisness.  Either Clair worked for him and even get his leg fixed up that night or Gio goes after everybody Clair knows starting with Ray's happy little family and ending with his grandfather and every tenant at Persephone. Taking Gio's offer of employment, Clair worked the next two years , pulling off heists,tampering with evidence, ruining peoples live and making Giovanni more powerful and richer while Clair slowly became miserable and alienated himself from the people he cares about.  Until one day after a job in 2016, Clair woke up in a Coffin, 6 feet under....

He phases through it, but instead of some cartel goon or Gio, he meets Uno. She presents him with a better deal: Work for her, avoid jail time and put Gio & his crew down or stay "loyal" to Gio and go to jail. Clairvius went with the first choice and was placed under training & re-socialization; Clair even had the chance to reconnect with his grandfather. Several months later, Clair was cleared for missions at  Alpha HQ.

Likes: Blue Grass Music, heists, Most of New Orleans, Poker, His Trumpet, Money, key lime pie, Fresh haircuts
Dislikes: his last job, people stealing his money & abusing it , excess hair(can get him identified)

Medical Information:

Blood type: O  Hair Color: Dark Brown Eye Color: Brown Height: 5'10 Weight:157 Medical History: Broken Nose(2002), Dislocated shoulder, bruised eyelid & 3 fractured ribs  ( injuries sustained during Hurricane;2005), grazed right thigh( Failed escape;2014)

Mental History:  PSTD-due to Survivors guilt and an acute case of kleptomania

Class symbol location: Left forearm

Tattoos & etc: a  fluer de lis on his right shoulder blade 

Roleplay Sample: He input  B-2 in the keypad and stared at the succulent prize which hung suspended and imprisoned among  other tasty treats. He watched as the coil which held the the neatly wrapped bar in bondage slowly release the-- It jams, mid sequence and traps the poor thing. Clair bumps the side of the machine to un-jam his treat, but nothing. Several bumps and still no release. He scoffed and pressed  his hand against the glass, kept focused and left his form pass through, not upsetting the glass by breaking it or cracking it. Grabbing the treat, he brought it to him, unwrapped it and enjoyed its chocolaty goodness." Gotta 'ave my snickers", he snickered to himself

etc.: As Clair grew,  he started to understand and finally asked about his parents. Newt told him the truth and said, "I don't know a thing....All I know is that the letter your Ma left told me to take care of you ". Which Clair just said," Okay, I guess I'll have to write back". Since he was 8 until he was 15, he sent letters to his mom by addressing them to random locations; like art museums or colleges that Newt said she'd like to visit, but heard nothing. Sinc eworking in Alpha Hq, he's been looking in the matter on his off hours. Not much visable/audio evidance has been found and officially they have been declared dead, but so far he's found 2 photos.One, a distored security cam still from 1992, of a hooded figure guiding his visably pregnant mother from a convenience store. The other one is a most reacent photo taken in Seoul, South korea, 2016. It was a photo of a group of friends which caught a glimpse of what Clair believes is a now aged version of who he believes is his mother. 


No journal entries yet.


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